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Lanceman Bowser

Every day is different for the CLB Cleanequip installation team, today we are in Essex. Delivering our Lanceman 200/15 JMB-E TM Trailer Mounted Diesel-Powered Hot and Cold Washer Pressure washer, with 1125 litre water capacity. This Lanceman unit offers 200 bar pressure with a flow rate of 15 LPM and includes a 18 litre anti-freeze system. With its rugged chassis construction 80 X 80 R.S.A. fully welded with a ‘T’ frame drawbar, all fully hot dipped galvanised. 5mm sheet front mounting plate and 2 no. 185 x 13 8 ply commercial tyres. It’s the ideal choice for quarry or plant environments. This particular unit was for an existing customer, who was delighted with the product and our service.   Our Lanceman 200/15 JMB-E TM offers excellent power and performance, and is ideally suited for outside working conditions. Unparalleled quality and reliability. A very long working life with low-maintenance.

For all your installation, service or repair requirements on your commercial pressure washers, please don't hesitate to contact us. For more information contact us by Phone: 0116 286 9126 Email: or visit our website

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